Free Recharge Games

You can recharge your mobile, once you have minimum 10 Rupees in your predicttoday Account without having any referrals .send mail to

1)Open 10 blocks to match your mobile number to win 10 to 500
(You win 10 to 500 rupees depending on the opened number that matches your mobile number)

2)Open from ACE to King and win Rupees 10 to 1000
(You win 10 to 1000 rupees depending on the number of cards you open to get ACE to King)

3) Pick 6 Numbers between 1 and 49 and win 100 Rupees daily
(Pick 6 Numbers between 1 and 49. If all 6 numbers match you win 100 Rupees)

4) Predict the Sensex and win 10 Rupees mobile recharge daily
(You need to predict the sensex ending value for the day and win 10 rupees recharge daily)

5) Predict the Unique Lowest Number for the day and win 5 Rupees daily
(You need to predict the lowest number which no other user has predicted)

6) Guess a 3 digit Number and win 5 Rupees Daily
(You need to Guess a three digit number.If it matches with ours, you win 10 Rupees)

7) Play Bulls and Cows to win 20 Paise daily
(Find the 4 digit number in Bulls and Cows game and win 20 Paise daily.)

8) Play simple addition game and win 20 Paise daily
(Fill 9 boxes with 1 to 9 to make the SUM horizontally, vertically and diagonally)

9) Play simple mathematical game and win 20 Paise daily
(Fill 9 boxes with the given numbers to make the sum at the right side)


We at site distribute part of money which we earn through advertisements and affiliate marketing to users who play our daily contests in our website.Once your balance reaches 300 Rupees you can withdraw the amount to your bank account by giving us you bank details along with one Id proof (Voter id, Passport or Pancard).Only one account is allowed per physical address.